Cicero Quote

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” -Cicero

Apparently this is Cicero, who was a Roman orator and lived from 106 BC until 43 BC, but no one knows for sure because he’s not around to say it again. Unless they froze his body or something and they’re going to thaw him out and get it all going again. But I think they might need a better reason than a simple quote verification.

Guy Who Thawed Cicero, after waiting hours for Cicero to thaw and making sure there was no problems with the process: “Did you say this?” (Holds up sheet of paper with above quote on it, for Cicero to read)

Cicero, after donning reading glasses, reading the quote and then looking sternly at the Guy who thawed him: “Yes.” (a beat pause) “Is that all?”

Guy Who Thawed Cicero: “Yes, that is all.”

Cicero: “Alright then.”

Or something like that.


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