A Rainy Saturday Morning…

Gus had no idea he was about to fall. He was more focused on his lack of an umbrella and how his level of soaked was ever increasing with every heavy drop.

Why did I have to finish all the milk last night? AND, why haven’t I bought an umbrella since I’ve moved into this new place? AND! Why did that goddamn car alarm have to go off this morning…didn’t it know it would piss me off beyond all recognition? WTF!!!!!!, he thought as he took the remaining steps toward the small bodega with bluster.

The bell sounded above his head to signal his arrival and Gus was tempted to rip it from its home above the door. His temptation was ended with nothing more than an empty threat because when he turned down the aisle that ended with the milk, he saw her and…


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Writer living in Toronto. "Sneak out of your window darling, let's live like outlaws honey." View all posts by jtkwriting

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