Reading and Writing…you should love both to do both

This Script Lab article has got it right (write?). This ditty talks about quirks and processes and is quite funny. But the title does say it best: if you want to write, it is vital that you read. By reading, you experience what works in published and produced media. Most important, you see what works for you. Some of the best advice I’ve ever received was, “write the book/screenplay” you would want to read/watch”. Well dear friends/writers/family/random guy sitting by the beach in L.A. reading this on his iPhone and enjoying a sunny Saturday morning (jealous btw), how are you going to know what you like or what you want to write like if you don’t read? Seems pretty simple. READ! WATCH! WRITE! And have fun, because having fun…is fun!

Link: To Write, One Must Read Pt.1


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2 responses to “Reading and Writing…you should love both to do both

  • eliza keating

    i get alote of emails from kids telling me they love to write and when I ask them what they love to read so many of them say I hate reading…this always baflles me..and so I say to them..would you swim the English Channel if you could only do the doggy paddle..No…so why would you write when you dont read ..great post .Eliza Keating

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