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Song Inspiration vol.54

Tom Cochrane – “The Untouchable One”

“She’s on the outside, she’s with me”

Can’t believe this is from the 80’s.


Song Inspiration vol. 53

Griffin House – “The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind”

“well, enough about me and more about you ’cause that be the gentlemanly thing to do, I hope you like your men sweet and polite,”

Donald Maass – Novel Writing Workbook

Donald Maass of the Donald Maass Literary Agency ( has put out this workbook, (Writing The Breakout Novel Workbook) to try and help novelists work through and write a “breakout” novel.

I picked it up and I love it because the workbook sets out certain things that every good novel needs and, in Appendix A, provides 21 questions that help with creating an outline. My process involves writing a 1st draft and then answering these questions because then I find out what my manuscript is missing. Then, I can “fill in the blanks” so to speak and make sure I’m hitting all the bases.

I think this also works with screenwriting in terms of making sure the general story works and then you can take that story and maneuver it into the proper screenplay structure.

Check it out here: (the workbook @ amazon) or at a Chapters/Indigo near you. I picked it up at my local Indigo 🙂

Screenplay Sequences

I’ve gotta say that I still don’t really get sequences, but I’m trying and this article has been great in helping me understand what “sequences” are with respect to a screenplay.

Once again, thank you to The Script Lab: The Eight Sequences

I will definitely be posting more about sequences, as I understand more about them!

Song Inspiration vol. 52

The Flatliners – “Eulogy”

For those that have gone before us…

Lyrics – eulogy.html

“Writer’s Digest”: 6 Steps to Jump Start Your Story

Another link from the good people at Writer’s Digest. Like the title says, this one, written by John Dufrense, deals with 6 ways to get a stalled story moving forward.

Check it: CPR for a stalled story

Song Inspiration vol. 51

Against Me! – “Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart”

This video is a great story in and of itself, but I’m sure we can do more…

What’s the back story? What happens after? What about those singers who populate the small stages of the dive bars around the world and sing this relatively unknown song with all their heart out to the small or large crowds in front of them that they can’t see because of the lights spraying their rays into those singers’ eyes? What about that performer that usually plays alone but calls someone up on stage to sing this song with her because they both share a love for it? What about that person outside walking by the bar who hears these familiar chords and for a moment it warms their otherwise chilled heart because there are other people out there that like this tune…there are other people out there that he might be able to relate to? What about them?

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