Song Inspiration vol. 41

The Gaslight Anthem – “1930”

This song helped me focus in on the new story I want to write and helped me define what will be important and how I want to write it.

Love these lines from it as well:

“I could settle just for piece of mind,

I could wait it out all night,

If I just keep breathing,

But Mary I found the sound,

And this heart keeps pouring it out,

And the glory hasn’t come but it’s probably gonna fade like a tattoo that hides the shame,

And the reasons always fade,

And the pain gets out someday,

So I’m saying my goodbyes to your deep blue eyes,

And i just don’t know how to stay,”

Awesome. Especially the part about finding the sound and having the heart pour it out. It’s like good writing, because whether it’s something romantic, sarcastic, historical, non-fiction, or murder laden, good writing always comes pouring out from the heart. Or at least it should…why else would you (need to) do it?

The quality isn’t that great but it does the job. Also, the guy whining near the end is hilarious…and no, it isn’t me:


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