The Oscars

I know the Oscar’s or The Academy Awards were a while ago but I haven’t written anything on here for a while due to equal parts being busy with other things, not having any ideas, and being lazy. So. The Oscar’s.

Mainly, I’d like to talk about them as an example of bad writing, which would be whomever wrote James Franco and Anne Hathaway’s (FRANNECO) script. Now, you might say that, “oh, that’s so typical, the writer blaming the writing….blah, blah, blah…”. Or maybe you wouldn’t say that. Shit, I don’t know. Maybe writers should defend other writers? Bah!

Whatever. Anyway. What they should have done is tailor the show and the script to the host’s personalities. Franco it seems is a student stoner. That’s fine, why didn’t they include something about him having to rush off to get back to NYU or whatever school he’s going to right now? Hathaway was good, but she tried to overcompensate for the shitty words she was spewing and she was probably thinking wtf am I saying? This is so typical and not funny but I should smile and try to appear overly interested in this bullshit. But, don’t quote me on this, I don’t want to get sued.

I’ve heard that maybe it wasn’t the writing that sucked because Billy Crystal was “good”. The only reason Billy Crystal was good was because FRANNECO was never given the chance to be. That opening with their Mom and Grandmother? WTF? What about a smug opening line spoken by Hathaway – “Good evening younger demographic.” I know she did mention something but it wasn’t good enough (why? because it just wasn’t!).

Basically, FRANNECO was let down and sold out by the writers who had a golden opportunity to use some young and somewhat current blood to at least take some of the seriousness and pomp out the show. Honestly, it’s just a statue, and it’s not like you got for saving anyone’s life. Well, unless someone watches your movie and doesn’t kill themselves because of the message it contains or something. Or when their friend tells them not to go to sleep, they stay up so Freddy Krueger (the Robert Englund one, not the new Jackie Earle Haley one) doesn’t kill them.

I feel bad for FRANNECO, but something tells me they don’t really care. And nor should they. Unless it hurts their careers. That would be bullshit.


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One response to “The Oscars

  • greenlivetrees

    I agree, the writing was terrible for “FRANNECO” last year. At least James Franco seemed genuinely disinterested in saying what he was supposed to say. Or maybe he was just high.

    What did you think of this year’s?

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