Let’s just be…

“Let’s just be whatever it is we are. Let’s just be…amazing, shitty, lazy, excited, exciting, full of love, lacking hope, joining something, going solo, getting out, growing up, big, small, medium, extra large, extra small, brilliant, feeble, powerful, successful, failures, skilled, talented, with, without, haves, have nots, right-handed, ambidextrous, determined, useless, perturbed, hurt, asinine, zapped, energized, gregarious, hateful, loathsome, eager, regretful, wild, young, old, gray, blonde, black, brunette, bald, curly, straight, gay, trans, bi, sure, confused, stumped, dumbfounded, clear, whole, empty, nothing, everything, defined, indefinable.

Let’s just be whatever it is we are.”

-from Gregory Hawthorne’s “A Simple Man” (it’s not a real book – but one from a story I’m writing about an author…and this is from one of the books he wrote, etc.)


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