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Song Inspiration vol.43

Sean Hayes – “Fucked Me Right Up”

It’s honest. I love that.


Russian proverbs and champagne

“(One) who does not risk, will never drink champagne.” – Russian Proverb

On a somewhat related note…are Russians big on the champagne?

Writing Exercise…Archenemy’s confessor

Your “arch-enemy”/nemesis/person with whom you share a mutual dislike/guy who called you names in school/girl who would always wear the same clothes as you the day after you wore them (take a deep breath) writes down why they are the way they are or why they’ve done the things they’ve done and you happen upon a copy of this…what does it say?

This exercise was inspired by Mark James, from Summer edition of Writer’s Digest. To paraphrase: Write Satan’s first confession in 1000 years.

104 Worst Cliches (that’s cliches without the accented “e”…)

I found this article written by Randy F. Nelson in an old issue of The Writer (Sept. ’08).

For the sake of everyone’s sanity (mainly my own) and being sued for copyright, I thought I’d share only a few as an ode to writing and lists.

104. A single tear that runs, flows, trickles or glistens.

84. Any epiphany that is specifically referred to as “an epiphany”.

78. Any huge mistake, particularly one that someone will regret for the rest of his life.

69. A character who goes down the path of something, especially a path of no return.

51. Any character who pensively lights a cigarette while thinking pensively about something pensive at a peculiarly pensive moment of the story.

50. The word Yo plus any dialogue (unless the next word is Adrian).

42. Any object, thought, fear or anxiety that is looming somewhere, especially if looming large.

41. Anything on any street that is dimly lit.

27. Secondary characters consisting of fraternity idiots, sorority sluts, science nerds, lecherous professors, moronic coaches, or maniacally disturbed janitors and/or cafeteria workers.

3. The Top 10 of anything, the top 100 of anything, or worse, 101 of anything.


This one always made me laugh and Nelson did a great job with it. Hilarious.

Song Inspiration vol. 42

Dear Landlord – “High Fives”

It’s a ballad.

Writing Exercise: Decaf with 3 sugars.

Write a scene and include someone who orders a decaf coffee with 3 sugars and someone who gives them a “look”.

Writing Exercise: What does laundry taste like?

Write a scene with, “it tastes like laundry”, as part of the dialogue.

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