Saw this one yesterday. For those of you with a plethora of friends who are always out doing something and hanging out and you feel you never have time to think or anytime for yourself – by the end of this movie you will understand what it means to be truly alone and lonely and you will thankfully look over at your friend with whom you just watched this movie and smile.

Somewhere looks at Stephen Dorff’s Johnny Marco as a washed out actor living in the Chateau Marmont in LA. It captures loneliness perfectly, which is great because the project I’m working on right now deals with loneliness in a sea of people and now I can think back to this movie instead of just referencing reality.

That said, not much seems to happen. But then again, when people lead their lives generally alone, not much seems to happen so maybe instead of thinking this was a weird movie…I completely get it now.

Nice job Coppola. Unless that wasn’t your intention at all, then…I don’t know.


Overall: 7.0/10


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