“Funny People”

Overall, thumbs up. From what I can remember when it came out people were saying it wasn’t funny and it was really dark and stuff.

Basically, it was darkly funny. I liked it though. I like movies where someone has to evaluate their life because I evaluate my life everyday in between living it. I think everyone should be evaluating themselves to see how they’re impacting themselves and others. I digress.

Sandler was great. It was nice to see Seth Rogen playing something a little more serious. Leslie Mann was, well, Leslie Mann. Eric Bana was surprising good, playing Leslie Mann’s husband. And if you like celebrity and random cameos, you’ll like it.

Oh and for those who would complain about it’s 150 minute length…as a writer, sometimes it takes that long to tell a story. If you are going to whine and say, “it’s too loooooong“, then please don’t bother watching it and stick to simple 90 minute fluff. But then again, maybe the challenge lies in telling an amazing and complex story in only 90 minutes? Hmmmm……

All Love.


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