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One Day

Epic. Overall: 9.5/10 – kinda starts slow but then becomes epic.

Hopefully they don’t fuck it up when they make the movie. Nicholls is writing the script though so it shouldn’t be that bad.

Now I need to go make some edits to my latest manuscript so as to not get charged with copyright infringement when it gets published. Apparently great minds think alike.



Song Inspiration vol.25

John Lennon – Watching The Wheels

Writing Exercise: Lost and found

Something long lost is found and something dearly loved is lost.

Paul Haggis in T.O.

Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby, Casino Royale, The Next Three Days) will be in Toronto (does he live here?, he’s from here) at the TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre on Wednesday Feb. 9th. He will speak about his experiences and his career et cetera, et cetera. Show starts at 7pm.

Tickets: $18.75

website: 201012210045344

Writing Exercise: An envelope arrives…

An envelope arrives that carries life changing consequences for three people inside.

Song Inspiration vol. 24 – Poisonous Glass Edition

They’re playing tonight at the Piston on Bloor near Ossington.

Poisonous Glass – “Stick It In The Brown”

“Double Up Dude”

“Drink Til I Die”

Writing Exercise: Something you hate

Think about something you loath but write about it as something you love.

Note: I’m talking more about objects and things not high profile political movements. But, then again, don’t limit yourself.

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