“Taken” and “Law Abiding Citizen”

Both movies were entertaining but I was especially captivated by Law Abiding Citizen. Taken had Liam Neeson kicking liberal amounts of deserving ass which was great because, well, who doesn’t like to see human smugglers be punched, shot, knifed, and electrocuted? There was never a question, however, as to whether Liam would get his daughter back…at least in my mind.

Law Abiding Citizen raised the questions and they were intriguing. The most important being, “how the hell is this going to end?”. The climax was satisfying but I gotta say I wish that there was more reason for Butler’s character to go ape on the justice system. Not that the whole “cutting a deal with the murderers of his family” wasn’t enough, but I just felt like it would have been more epic if there was like a secret twist or something at the end. Again, it was good and it asked the most important question of all – “what’s going to happen next?”.


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