“Great Expectations”

The one with Ethan Hawke and G. Paltrow.

A friend recommended I watch it and I’m happy I followed her advice/recommendation. The movie was cool, but there’s a couple scenes that are fucking epic.

First there’s this one where Ethan walks into this restaurant and asks Paltrow to dance and then they do a quick step and proceed outside to the street where they kiss and it’s fucking ridiculously awesome.

The second scene is accompanied by Pulp’s “Like A Friend” and W.O.W. That’s meant to be wow, except with emphasis on all the letters. He draws her as she disrobes and they don’t share any dialogue but her body movements and facial expressions convey her basically saying – “I’m irresistible to you and I know it, but I still, deep down, love you and adore you for and because of that fact and you will be the only one for me…eventually”.
And as Ethan draws her, he is just like, “I love you…forever.”

Fucking Epic.



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