Will Leitch…I am jealous

Will Leitch I am jealous of the following blurb…damn it is good and I hope one day I will be able to write something like this.

It’s from the November 1st 2010 edition of NYMAG…so please don’t sue me, unless you want to hire me to write for you, then you can just dock my pay (but not too much!!!) for legal fees.

In describing this year’s Jets:

“…coach Rex Ryan, who unleashed more F-bombs than a Mamet play being filmed by Quentin Tarantino and scored by Eminem,”



From “The Neighborhood News” section…

“In Bath Beach (in Brooklyn), a man hot-wired an empty school bus, drove it one block, crashed into four cars, and fled on foot.”

Dude. Good show of commitment on the hot-wiring but what happen to that blusterous confidence after the crash? Was it a case of – theft is fine but these collisions will ruin my clean driving record? Nice job. You are a friend to those who care about keeping collisions not a part of their record, although maybe next time you should keep going.


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