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Juliet, Naked

Fucking Nick Hornby and his fucking amazingness.

I’m being serious.

This book is awesome.

Read it, love it, make love to it.
I just started a couple days ago and I can’t put it down, but I want to put it down because I’m almost done and when I’m done I will be sad about not being able to continue to read it.


20000 words…

…and still going πŸ™‚

Over 10,000 words…and random sweet lyrics off the top of head

Up over 10,000 words now and I’m over the minimum for each day which is sweet because that means…it actually means nothing other than I will hit (or most likely be over, which is fine) the 50,000 plateau by November 30th if I keep up the pace I’m on now. Danny and Isabelle. What will happen next?

“Good feeling, won’t you stay with me, just a little longer,”
-from “Good Feeling”, by The Violent Femmes

“Now honey, put on your red dress, and your diamond soul shoes,
Climb on down from that window, climb on out of your room,
Cause I’ve never had a good thing and I’ve always had the blues,
I heard that you always kind of wondered, Miles, strike up the Cool”
-from, “Miles Davis and the Cool”, by The Gaslight Anthem

“Standing out there like a killer in the sun,
I know it’s late, we can make it if we run,”
-from “Thunder Road”, by Bruce Springsteen


“Book in a month” – over 6000 words in two days!

Made sweet progress with the whole, “write a book in a month” and that is all I will say because I find I give away too much sometimes and my mind is working OT on this one and I just…blah, blah, blah, whatever. It’s going well.

I have some writing links to post so please check them out, unless you’re not interested in writing (sorry Nern, no music posts yet :(…but all love anyway).

I’ll post the links tomorrow because I’m fucking starving and there’s a bunch, so keep your toes crossed and your fingers typing!

New Weezer

New Weezer. Gave it a cursory listen on iTunes. I think I need to go back and maybe give it some more time. I’ve heard it’s just some old stuff that’s been spruced up from the Geffen days. Are Weezer not with Geffen anymore? I don’t actually care, as long as they keep doing there thang, but it said something about Geffen in the iTunes write up. Why don’t I research this, because I care only in so much as to ask the question, not enough to go and find the answer πŸ™‚

50,000 words in a month/22 days…doable.

writing a novel in a month and blogging everyday…can it be done? What about if I sign up tonight? That means to get to 50,000 words without a plot or structure or anything really except words, I have to write 2272 words a day…can it be done? We will see my friends…we will see.

Mill Street Stock Ale

Mill Street Stock Ale,

I like you. I just thought you should know because that way everything is out on the table. Also, if you know, then you can think about how you feel about me and we can discuss tomorrow, or sooner if you wish.


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