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Been Busy…

I’ve been busy, obviously. June 20th? There have been developments.

Not of the script or novel or short stories magazine articles I’ve been writing, but things have been developing quite nicely. Ideas are flowing, friendships are being made, everything seems to be going well.

And no, this isn’t a setup for any epic, BLAM!, but then THIS happened and made everything go to shit.

It’s October…it’s fall, the greatest of all the seasons, although, November is around the corner and November just sounds like winter…alot more than October at least.

I’m moving on Dec. 1st.

I ran into a couple random people yesterday which was pretty cool. I thought maybe I’d run into this girl I’ve been wanting to run into for the last year to make it a trio of random run-ins, but not yet. I wonder what she’s doing…right now.

Books I’ve read in the last little while that you should read:
-“Life of Hope” by Paul Quarrington
-“You comma Idiot” By Doug Harris
-“Cigar Box Banjo” By Quarrington (currently)
-“A Long Way Down” By Nick Hornby (currently)
-“Under The Dome” By Stephen King (currently)
-“The End of The Alphabet” By CS Richardson

and many others but that’s all I could think of off the top of my head.



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