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I know we all have them. Those certain songs that make us believe. In what? In whatever it is that makes our goosebumps rise, that makes the skin on the back of our neck tingle, that makes our chests fill with that feeling that there are those out there that get it, that get us, that have felt it and that continue to feel it. To experience these songs and this music, whatever it may be and whomever it might be by, is as close as we can get to an unconscious, mindmelding (for sci-fi fans) connection, that can be simply and beautifully expressed with a knowing glance and maybe a (non-annoying) smirk and nod.

I know we all have them.



“when we were young, we were diamond Sinatras,
like something I saw in a dream,
we kept our secrets and rules locked up like a tomb,
where the ballerinas lay,”
-from, “Orphans”, by The Gaslight Anthem

Gavin and Marisa are making juice…and not the kind of juice you’re thinking of…

It’s something with wheatgrass and pears. And pineapple. I’ve taken to starting sentences with ‘and’. I like it. You’re not supposed to start sentences with conjunctions – ‘and’ is a conjunction in case anyone didn’t know – but if you do it right (don’t refer to the above as the right way because it’s not) it makes you look smart and like a writer. Also, I’m loving using dashes (i.e. ‘-‘, see above) in the middle of sentences for illustrative purposes. They work better than brackets even though for some things you need to use brackets and some things you need to use dashes. I’m just hitting on this stuff right now and doing it somewhat properly. Feels good.

Time for juice.

So it’s been since february

The title says it all.


Apologies for not writing more, but it’s because I’ve been writing.

Amazing things I’ve been working on:

-a new book (an epic, no apologies ballad of love, loss, punk rock and other wicked music)
               -I just read the above description of the new book and i realize that it sounds like everything else I write, so whatever, this one’s with no holding back and no holds barred – i think – until i write the next one and say the same thing

-i’m taking a magazine writing course and loving it
           -i highly recommend it – George Brown Writing for Magazines – Steve Veale is the instructor and he’s both hilarious and very knowledgeable – he’s a freelance writer who’s just a nice guy

-so that’s what i’ve been doing

-i also bought a new laptop because my old one cacked out and this one has a webcam!!! – here we go video blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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