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"What about Brian"

What About Brian was a good show. Too bad it got canceled.


New Story and emails and Olympics

So I started writing a new story yesterday and realized it’s the first one that I don’t have a preset soundtrack for. It feels good though – just letting the imagination flow. It’s going to be a layered epic, that will include intrigue, second guessing, some religious stuff (not annoying bible thumping shit, but more a question of the duality of the soul and reincarnation), action, and of course, love. Fun stuff. And I found a couple songs that would go wickedly amazing with a couple of the last scenes.

Over the last week and a half I’ve sent a truckload of emails. Although because an email is only a few kbs the truck would have to be pretty small. The best response so far – “Thanks – but this is not for me – good luck!”. Short and to the point. I like that.

The Olympics are here…in Canada! Some people are saying we could finish with the highest medal count of any country. That would be uber-sweet. But it makes me think…if we do win the most medals why don’t we just compete in the Winter games and say a big F-U to the Summer Olympics. With all due respect to our summer athletes, why not focus everything on what we’re good at? That way we can clean up at the Olympics (Winter) that not everyone cares about (kinda like we do in hockey) but still be super snotty about it when people question our sense of surperiority (sp?).

The Countries that don’t compete in the Winter Games + The U.S.A – “Why do you care if you’re so good at the Olympics that not everyone is at. You think you’re better than us?”

Us (Canada) – “Yes, we clearly are better than you. We won the most medals. Why don’t you go and be good at not giving people the health care they need and bombing things.”

TCTDCITWG – “It’s only the States that bomb things.”

Us (Canada) – “I know. That sucks.”

TU.S.A – “What the hell?”

TCTDCITWG – “Booooooo.”

New York State + California – “Can we join you?”

Us (Canada) – “Only if we can have D.C. and Obama and you get Harper and Alberta.”

New York State + California – “Done deal if Washington State can come.”

Us (Canada) – “Sure, just leave Texas.”

NYS + CALI – “I’m sending the paperwork to the commissioner’s office as we speak.”

Us (Canada) – “Sweet.”


and of course…love.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon (without the cool spanish accent thingy because i can’t figure out how to type it)

Hello. One clear message today – Read “The Shadow of the Wind” and “The Angel’s Game” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. They are epic masterpieces of good. I think I’ve only told one person this, but when I was reading these two books (on separate occasions) I would be excited to go to bed (i read mostly in bed) because I felt I was transported to Spain or wherever the books are set. This guy is good and his stories are equally haunting as they are filled with love and the idiots that go after love. I love it. If I were from the U.K. I might say, “There fookin’ great mate.”

Came up with a good opening scene and ending scene for my next project. Going to be wick. Sending more emails today. Exciting. Ball-sweatingly exciting.


Gosford Park

Hey been awhile yet again. To all my followers (Ernesto, I know it’s you) love, love, love.

Decided to expand the scope of this blog a bit, you’ll get why and how as I go.

Watched ‘Gosford Park’ and I must say it was too long and not that interesting. Well, that’s sort of a lie. It was too long for it’s own story. The movie claims to be a murder mystery set around the British class system of the 1930’s (1932 to be exact). This is true, it is about this. Unfortunately, they spent the majority of the movie on the class system aspect and not enough on the the murder mystery. I get it, people used to be rich and have servants and they couldn’t do anything for themselves. There are still peeps like this. Very enthralling shit…not really. I guess I should blame the producers of the trailer and the critics for my disappointment, seeing as they probably led me to believe there would actually be a more mystery and less, “if I wanted tea, I would’ve asked for it”. Wow.

Sent some more queries away yesterday, and today. One rejection so far. Quality. Sending more stuff tomorrow and then hopefully more rejections until one person finds my stuff interesting enough to help get it to print.

Until then…stay amazing.


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