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5th draft…almost done.

5th draft of ‘LBOT’ almost done. Epic…epic. Need to sit at the computer now and do all the edits. Worst part. Much prefer putting my feet up (who doesn’t) and reading and editing actual paper, but it’s all part of the job.

Can I just say it is an unadulterated bag of dicks outside right now. If it’s going to snow, then snow. Not snow then rain, then…oh wait, why don’t we stop both the snow and rain, and then we’ll just make it cold. I love the winter and the snow and everything, but can we just pick one? Someone needs to start a facebook group for this cause or maybe just a good ‘ole fashion petition…on actual paper…and then go door to door for some signatures, maybe a dirty look or two.

I want to finish maybe one more screenplay by Christmas, but with these edits and a job search staring me in the face I don’t know. I do have all day so why wouldn’t I be able to do it? Hmmm. I think I will do it. Decision made…congratulations on a job…done.

Seriously… Jersey Shore…they made a show like that…seriously?


It’s a month…it’s been too long

Okay so, it’s been a month and since this is the “Wickedly Informative Writing Blog” I should be better at being wickedly informative!

“Looking Back On Today” – finished 4th draft, needing to tinker which means – 5th Draft!

I’ve also started doing outlines for new things. Two more screenplays in fact. One called, “Road Signs and Rock Songs” (yes I know, another Ataris title, but whatever…you can’t copyright titles…can you?) which is planned to be a straight forward narrative (kinda of) about 3 guys, a road trip, a girl, a foosball game, and some dirty talk during a Chinese buffet lunch. Think “The Hangover” + “American Pie” + “Hope Floats”. Yes, that “Hope Floats”. What…ever.

The second is tentatively titled “Dex and Ally”, but I’m also leaning towards “International You Day” (Another punk rock title borrow) but D&A is planned to have the subtitle: A Punk Rock Romance. I may do away with the subtitle all together, but for now it’s there and I like 87% of it. 13% of me is not so hot on it, but we’ll see what the tide brings in on that one.

Well, that’s it for now. Tiger…dude, seriously? What were you thinking? Have you even seen your wife?

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