"Looking Back On Today" Edits

“Looking Back On Today” is the title of the aforementioned screenplay I’m close to finishing. I ripped the title from one of my favourite Ataris songs, and if you know me, you know that I love Kris Roe so if he doesn’t want me to use his title (even though titles aren’t copyrightable) then I will have to make something else up (or take another title from something else).

These edits are killer. Killer good, not killer killing me. When I wrote the first draft I thought it was amazing, as per usual. Then I did a read through with some friends and realized it sucked, so here we go editing. On the 3rd draft right now. With prob have two more to go until it’s totally ready but this one should be the last draft of major story/plotline changes.

Love to Ernesto for pointing out that ‘dramedy’ isn’t a word. I like it as a non-word though. Anyway, to appease ‘Big Ern’ I will correct myself and say that ‘Astoria’ is a ‘comedic drama’. Rock.

RIP Jim McDowell.



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