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"Looking Back On Today" Edits

“Looking Back On Today” is the title of the aforementioned screenplay I’m close to finishing. I ripped the title from one of my favourite Ataris songs, and if you know me, you know that I love Kris Roe so if he doesn’t want me to use his title (even though titles aren’t copyrightable) then I will have to make something else up (or take another title from something else).

These edits are killer. Killer good, not killer killing me. When I wrote the first draft I thought it was amazing, as per usual. Then I did a read through with some friends and realized it sucked, so here we go editing. On the 3rd draft right now. With prob have two more to go until it’s totally ready but this one should be the last draft of major story/plotline changes.

Love to Ernesto for pointing out that ‘dramedy’ isn’t a word. I like it as a non-word though. Anyway, to appease ‘Big Ern’ I will correct myself and say that ‘Astoria’ is a ‘comedic drama’. Rock.

RIP Jim McDowell.



Anyone know any Lit. Agents? And Finished Stuff

Hey, so, thanks for coming and reading this. I figured since I’m trying to ‘make it’ with this writing thing, I should do anything and everything within my power (with the exception of selling my body, who am I kidding…really) to get that first break. So first step, create a blog and post stuff that will help me get the ‘break’ and use all resources at my disposal.

So anyone know any lit agents? I’ve written a book and a screenplay ‘pilot’ for a television show so both regular lit agents (books, etc.) and screenwriting lit agents would be awesome to contact. I”ve been contacting people the old fashion way as well (queries, emails, etc.), so please don’t think I’m an idiot and just using this blog as my only way get the ‘break’ thing I was talking about earlier. Earlier being seconds if your a fast reader or minutes if you still read by following the words with your finger. If you do do (ha! doodoo) the finger thing I mean no offense. It is a totally functional way of reading childrens books and friends blogs, so no worries.

Finished Projects:
1) “Conversations…”
-a book
-it’s about ‘he’ and ‘she’ and it follows them and stuff that happens to them from the time they are 17 until they are about to turn 30
-it’s all dialogue, with little bits of 3rd person narration throughout to help move the story along
-it’s truthful and honest
-it’s fiction
-I kept it as simple and ambiguous as possible so that no matter who you are or where you live you can read it and put yourself in the story
-if you like David Eggers, Paulo Coelho, the movie Juno and amazing song quotes – you will like this book

2) “Astoria”
-television pilot
-1 hour, dramedy
-think a mix of ‘Sex and the City’, ‘Entourage’, ‘Californication’, ‘Scrubs’, and of course ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and ‘Friends’
-written for HBO/Showtime/pay per view channels
-I wrote it for HBO, etc. because in real life, people swear, girls take off their bras during sex (I hope), and people drink and do drugs among others things
-it’s about six friends – a writer, an actor, a publicist, a musician, a teacher, a nurse – their shared past, the prospect of turning 30 and either giving up on their dreams or doing everything they can to make them come true
-if I have my way the soundtrack will be epic
-I can’t think of anything else right now, but I’ll add more if it comes up

I’m putting the finishing touches on a screenplay about a guy who has to deal with the death of his wife, raising his daughter who didn’t know her mother was alive (it makes sense, trust me) and trying to find meaning in his meaningless job. Think ‘Garden State’/’Definitely Maybe’/’The Last Kiss’/’One Week’.

So thanks for reading and we’ll talk soon.


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